Alexandr Pospech

Professional Photographer and Videographer

Canon EF 50 f1,0 L USM sample photos

Specifications of the lens:

Focal length: 50mm

Max aperture: f/1

Min aperture: f/16

Filter size: 72mm

Blades: 8

Elements: 11

Groups: 9

Weight: 985g

Dimensions: 81.5mm x 91.5mm

 Adapted from

 I found this rare lens in used-photography equipment store Aperture UK in London, where it was being sold for about 3300 pounds.

The lens was discontinued and replaced by smaller Canon EF 50 f1,2 L USM. It was the fastest EF lens so far.

 Here are the samples at f1,0. Used camera: Canon EOS 40D, iso 400, raw converted to tiff in Photoshop w/o custom settings. The image is followed by 100% crop.