Alexandr Pospech

Professional Photographer and Videographer

Canon EF 100mm f/2,8L Macro IS USM


Lens construction (elements/groups)         15/12      

No. of diaphragm blades                             9  

Minimum aperture                                       32

Closest focusing distance (m)                     0.3          

Maximum magnification                               1x

Image stabilizer                                          4-stops

                                                                   3-stops at 0.5x magnification

                                                                   2-stops at 1.0x magnification       

AF                                                               Ring USM           

Dust/moisture resistance                           Yes         

Filter diameter (mm)                                   67

Max. diameter x length (mm)                      77.7 x 123          

Weight (g)                                                  625g        


Adapted from Canon website


Sample photos:

Camera: Canon EOS 40D, resized image is followed by one or two 100% crop.

All photos taken handheld, shot in the Raw format and converted with Digital Photo Porfessional w/o any manipulations to TIFF, cropped or resized and converted into JPG format in ACDSEE Pro 3, quality 99%


 f4,5, 1/25s, iso 400



f4, 1/30s, iso 800



 f5,6, 1/400s, iso 200




 f11, 1/100, iso 100






f11, 1/160s, iso 200




 f8, 1/250s, iso 400




 f8, 1/400s, iso 400



f4, 1/400s, iso 100



 f5,6, 1/200, iso 100



f8, 1/13s, iso 100



contrejour  lighting:

 f8, 1/4000s, iso 100

f2,8, 1/6400, iso 100


f11, 1/1000, iso 100